Daddy's Rules.


We have decided on trying all new rules here, more detailed and strict. Some of these rules were found in a set of rules we found and liked, but I lost the website. If you are the person who wrote some of these, please drop me a note so I can properly credit you. The ones we used from it fit so perfectly, thank you. Others were found in a book, BDSM rules. And some are from our last set.


    I will always be honest and respectful to Daddy. Even when I think he’s in the wrong, I will be respectful in my tone, actions and mannerisms. I am, however, allowed to be bratty in my thoughts so long as they don’t turn into actions that would disrespect Daddy. (After all, it would be impossible for anyone to realistically attempt to control my way of thinking. My individuality is part of what attracted Daddy to me and He would never want to destroy that. Just to throw that out there….)

    When serving Daddy food or beverage (not in the presence of children or vanilla/family guests) I shall:
        Kneel before Daddy, head down, eyes down, and await Daddy's approval of my gift or offerings.
        If around others I will stand and await Daddy's approval that my service has pleased Him. His “thank you” is my cue that I have pleased him.

    I am always in submission to my Daddy whether He is present or not, ready to please Him at any time, in any place, under any circumstances. The opportunity to submit and to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit (within reason — The general rule of thumb though is that children and emergencies, of course, come first.)

    I will wear the collar Daddy gave me with pride, for it signifies His ownership of me and my devotion to Him. I am required to wear my collar at all times.

    I am allowed to make friends with whomever I choose, so long as that friendship is not toxic. If my friendship with someone changes my behaviors, mannerisms, other relationships for the worse, then Daddy may tell me to either limit my time with that person, or cut them out altogether.

   I must always give thanks to Daddy for all I am given, immediately after receiving what He has given me. This includes privileges and punishments and of course, gifts.

    I will confess any transgressions I may have made to Daddy and He will decide if such violations require punishment. I must accept whatever decision He makes and thank Him for His choice.

    Crying and the shedding of tears is not a sign of weakness. My tears soften my will and bond me closer to Daddy. I am not to hide in shame when I cry. (Still a hard one for me, even after years of being dedicated to Him.)

 It is important for me to eat properly and make sure that I am drinking enough fluid, especially with the meds I have to often take. I am permitted to choose how I wish to nourish my body and mind, so long as I keep track of it.

        I will obey the spirit of the law not just the letter of the law. (For example, if Daddy says not to run with scissors, I will not attempt to skip with them either.) Another thing I still struggle with even years after being submissive to Daddy.

 While with Daddy I will make an effort to look my best and sexy for Him. I will put on makeup etc. during the week and whenever he orders me to do so, without argument. It is important to look sexy for Daddy, for I am His and should be a pleasure to look at.

Daddy has the final say on what I wear, at all times.

When in private, I must ask permission to put on any clothing and ask Daddy's preference in what I should be wearing, if anything.

When in bed with Daddy, I must ask permission to leave the bed. Same for when at His feet.

I must ask permission to go to the restroom.

I will not start eating when we have meals together, before Daddy has started.

I will sit at Daddy's feet whenever He wishes me to do so.

I may only speak positively about myself. I may not engage in any self bad talk in any way.

Daddy is my protector, and I will not feel badly about worrying Him when it comes to past issues and skeletons.

I will watch my language, and present myself lady like when not in the bedroom.

Daddy's word is final - always. I will not argue Daddy's final word on anything at all, for Daddy knows what is best for me.

I will obey Daddy no matter what, and will not question Daddy's commands or orders.

I will always do anything and everything I can to make sure Daddy is happy, comfortable and treated like the wonderful Daddy that He is.

Daddy  will order in restaurants for me.

I am not allowed to hold anything back from my Daddy, feelings - things I am afraid to tell Him and so on.

I will write in my blog and be creative *painting, coloring and etc* as often as I can.

When in little mode, I must ask permission to go back into big mode. I will go and/or be in little mode as often as Daddy wishes. Same as puppy mode.

I will learn new slave positions for Daddy, should He wish me to do so and start using them.

I will start kneeling for Daddy more often, and whenever He wishes me to do so as well as start using other submissive gestures.


Daddy will give me a list of tasks that are to be completed by the end of each day. I am to follow His list, make my own or a combination of both before He comes home from work.  These tasks will vary depending on what Daddy thinks needs to be done. We will discuss my Task List each day. I am to do my very best to finish all of these chores and manage my time wisely. If I choose to take a break from chores, this is fine, as long as they are still completed by the end of the day. I am required to let Daddy know when my pain levels are high, and to rest and not do any chores to rest it when/if He says.

 At least once a week (preferably on the weekends or Mondays) I am to make a hot cooked meal for breakfast.

 Daddy will decide what time bedtime is depending on the night/day.. pain levels and so on.
  Every night I must ask permission to get into the bed. If Daddy is out of town, or working late, I must call or message Him and ask for permission to get in the bed. Even if Daddy is not at home, I am to be on my knees when asking permission to sleep in the bed. This is to help remind me that everything, even the place I sleep is given to me by Daddy. It also helps give me time to remember who is in charge — Side note: I find it interesting that I need this reminder, especially since this relationship was my idea, but I agree that I have a stubborn “bratty” side that likes to play at pretending I’m in charge… it doesn’t usually work out well for me. :P

In the evening, when Daddy arrives home from work, I am to make my best effort to greet Him by the door. I will ask Him prior to Him getting home if He will want coffee or a normal drink and have it ready for him.

Daddy prefers to have a neat and tidy house. It helps ease his mind, keep him (and I) focused and allows us to always be prepared for company without a mad dash to tidy up.


    When Daddy instructs me to suck His cock, I will do so vigorously for as long as He requires me to do so.

    Daddy's cum must never go to waste. I will swallow all of it and then thank Him for His gift.

    I am to keep my pussy shaved or waxed for Daddy. He will decide on how the 'kitty' is shaved, ie.. bare, landing strip etc.

    My body is His to do with as He pleases. My orgasms are under His control. I will be ready whenever and where ever Daddy wants to use my body. I will ask for permission to orgasm and respect Daddy's decision.

    I am not permitted to masturbate without permission from Daddy.

    I may at any time offer my body to Daddy in hope that He will take pleasure in using it however He wishes.

I will continue to work on the 'Orgasm on Demand', and maybe help Daddy to find information on ways to complete this training to it's full extent.

I may not touch any of my private bits, or Daddy's without permission.

Whenever I am being played with or otherwise taken, I will immediately take the position Daddy orders me to be in.

When sucking Daddy's cock, I must never stop without permission.

I will always thank Daddy for being allowed to have an orgasm when He allows me the pleasure.

When Daddy's hand moves towards my breast or kitty, I will instinctively move my arms and chest/legs to make them as available as possible to him.. they are His and there for His pleasure.


A normal, good quality spanking will leave this submissive's bottom a nice shade of red. This is what a submissive should expect, if not hope for. If necessary, such a spanking should be worked up to.

1. Being spanked is an important part of my and Daddy's relationship, as well as therapeutic for me as a submissive. I will beg Daddy to spank me often. I will have favorite implements to be spanked by Daddy so if Daddy allows me to pick the implement to be spanked by, I will be ready to bring it to him. When ordered to I will beg to be spanked and afterwards thank Daddy for the time he took to spank me.

2.I will without hesitation take any position my Daddy orders me to should He wish to take me, spank me or otherwise play with me or punish me. I am never allowed to block my Daddy's spanks or try to get away from a position my Daddy has ordered me to be. Should Daddy ever spank my hand because it was a blocking blow, I will be spanked much harder and longer and perhaps have my hands bound.

3.Daddy will train me to orgasm from being spanked. Most submissives can be trained t do this from being spanked and as a respectful submissive I will learn to orgasm for Daddy while being spanked.

For training me to cum from being spanked, Daddy will likely start by using a vibrator on me during the spanking and ordering me to start orgasming. Daddy acknowledges that I may need training sessions with a vibrator in this manner. After then, should I disrespect Daddy by not cumming when being ordered to do so during spankings, I will then be punished.

4. The duration and intensity of a spanking and what my Daddy uses on my bottom is always the choice of my Daddy.

5. When Daddy and I are together, if I feel that I am or getting into a bad mood, I am to immediately ask for a 'mood correction spanking'.


1. When Daddy requires me to do corner time, I will be positioned in the corner, naked unless otherwise decided by my Daddy. I will go there without resisting.

If possible or wished so by Daddy, my hands may be tied together, and my legs tied to a leg spreader bar. I may or may not be spanked during corner time. Daddy will decide how long corner time is and how often I am to be spanked while there, if spanking is included.


 Other punishments that Daddy sees fit will be given when he feels they are needed. I will not argue any punishment. I will thank Daddy for taking the time to punish me. Punishments will often 'fit the crime' and combined with spanking and corner time.


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