Thursday, August 7, 2014

The one with brat's shaving mistake!

I recently broke a rule, not intentionally, but I wasn't really thinking like I should have been when I did so. I was in the tub, making myself oh so smooth for Sir.

I shaved my legs, my underarms, then I moved onto my bikini area and 'fun bits'. For a long time, Sir required that I kept it shaved smooth and bald. Recently, He decided He wanted a change, and I was to leave that little area on top,landing strip style.

Oh, it was oddly different, even though I've had it this way many times in the past. After going completely bare for so long, it took a bit getting used to.

So anyway, back to the tub! I'm doing my thing, getting myself good and lathered up and...

Eep! Mmm,oh wait!! Not to lathered up, stop touching! What is it about a good hot bath that makes you really, really want to be taken? Especially if you add in just how slutty and wonderful you feel when you are getting all nicely shaved for your Dominant? Yum!

But then... I goofed - I made it crooked! Crap.

I try in a mad attempt to realign the hair with the razor.

It's not working!

I try more. And more. The more I try. The worse this gets!

Hm. Well, we *could* surprise Sir, and go back to smooth and bald. I inspect the damage this far and decide, yep - this is the only thing I can do to save this mess! I realize in the back of my mind, that this is really not the right way to handle this. But I am so not wanting to disappoint Him, and *reallly* want to play! I'm in such a mood!

I mumble at my clumsy hands, and go ahead and proceed to shave it bald. It didn't take long after I was dried off, in fresh cute pj's and curled up next to Sir. His hands were wandering, inspecting His pets body - and He noticed my mistake instantly.

"What is missing here, pet??"

*squirm* "A bit of hair, Daddy?"

"Did I give the order or permission for you to change how you are shaved, young lady?"

*lowers eyes and head* "No, Daddy."

This is where the trouble began, and I ended up with having to write 20 pages, front and back , stating that pet's body belongs to Daddy.

Maybe I really should look into that waxing thing,hm?

xx brat


  1. Eek! Bet you got a hand cramp while writing all that:)

  2. I thought about not letting her shave at all for a month to teach her a lesson, but I don't wanna cuddle with a sasquatch lol!

    1. Lol!! That would certainly be punishment for you both.

    2. lol Daddy!

      little girl - right?! lol. I happily took the lines. Not being able to shave for a month would have seriously drove me crazy! Sasquatch doesn't suit me. x_x

  3. Oops. And I thought my Sir gave a lot of lines!

    1. Writing lines really does.. stink. :P lol. Have you ever had to do colored lines? Each letter being a different color? Egad, that takes forever!

    2. No, and I think I'll let Sir stumble on that one himself. ;p
      Ok, I'll probably mention it, then be sad when he remembers. LOL

    3. lol! You sound like me! I always end up telling Him everything, even if I pay for it later. He says I would make an evil Dom, that I get very sadistic ideas! lol. It always, always bites me in the butt. :P xx

  4. Yikes!!! I'm thinking a crooking landing path would have been a lot less punishment.

    No touch! No sensuality! None of that while in the tub. You are in there to get prepared, not to pamper yourself.

    Did He follow up with a long hand job afterwards?

    Would love to see how you would explain carpal tunnel to the doctor. :)

    1. Hs - lol! Yes, I agree, I think the crooked landing strip would have indeed been less trouble.

      *hangs head* No touch - in there to prepare.... *nod and foot shuffle*

      He followed up with swats and using me. x_x No orgasm for me!

      lol lol, with my Dr, it probably wouldn't surprise him, I think he thinks I'm a freak. He is always so amused by me. lol

      Hugs! xx

  5. "Eep! Mmm,oh wait!! Not to lathered up, stop touching! What is it about a good hot bath that makes you really, really want to be taken? Especially if you add in just how slutty and wonderful you feel when you are getting all nicely shaved for your Dominant? Yum!"

    Holy shit ... truer words have never been spoken!! Right at that moment when I have finished shaving my bits smooth as required, is about as horny as i can get.

    I can totally see how you made your mistake brat, but it was a mistake nonetheless. I hope Mistress K. doesn't ever change from wanting me shaved smooth because I can totally see myself making that same mistake.

    1. Mmm, right?! So glad I am not alone in feeling that way, sub hub! lol!

      Mistake indeed, definitely won't happen again. lol x_x Always so nice to know that there are friends who can relate! :)

      xx <3

  6. Okay when you first told me you had shaved it, I didn't think it was a big deal until you told me why you weren't supposed it and i automatically got that "Oh shit" feeling in the pit of my stomach and I'm not even the one whom was in trouble Lol!

    I am shaved bald all the time. I cannot stand hair there...well...anywhere really unless my head, eyebrow and eyelashes. Everything else....shaved. I'd die if I couldn't shave for a month.

    Talk about having a bush! Lol hell no.

    Hope you learned with your 20 pages hahhaha


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