Picture Notice.

The pictures I use in a lot of the blog posts here at this blog are various pictures I have found via google images. I have collected so many, that I sadly do not know who to credit for them all. If a picture is yours, or you do know where they came from, please feel free to jot me a note,and I will add the proper credit or remove it if you'd so prefer.

If a picture is actually of you, or your work, I apologize in advance. I only post pictures that I think are wonderful, so please take it as a compliment to you or your work. I will gladly give credit,where credit is due. Please just email me with information of the photo being of you or your work, and let me know if you'd like me to credit you, or remove it and I will do so right away.

You can reach me at- mortuarychick@gmail.com

I do not claim rights to any of the photos in this blog, unless otherwise stated in a caption under the photo.

Thank you!


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