Ma'am's Rules.

Mummy's Rules:
  • I may only speak positively about myself. I may not engage in any self bad talk in any way.
  • My health is EXTREMELY important and i am to stay on top of it - medicines, Dr. appointments, and etc. Mummy will be sure to set punishments (delivered by Daddy) if i put ANYTHING before my health.
  • Bedtime is 11:30 (3.30 pm Mummy Time)
  • Phone curfew is at 10.30 (2:30pm MT
  • (exception being on weekends, or special nights. But i may watch tv till i fall asleep, or listen to my MP3 player, because of trouble sleeping, pain levels or etc.)
  • I will address my Domme as Mummy, Mama, or Ma'am.
  • Mummy is there to look after me unconditionally. Even if it sometimes causes Her pain or worry or frustration, i will always be as honest as i can about my thoughts, feelings, and reality. 
  • I will leave all play initiation in Mummy's hands, and know that any play initiated by Her is permitted by Daddy (via previous negotiation).
  • When Daddy is unavailable, i will go to Mummy with any pressing issues. I will take the time difference into consideration, but i will message anyway and know She will be in touch as soon as She is able.
  • I will continue being brilliant with my blogging. 
  • Daddy's word is always final.
  • No matter the distance, i still belong to Her.

  • I will email Mummy every Wednesday night, regardless of the amount of time we've been able to spend together. I must spend at least 30 minutes on this task. 
  • Skype Calls (voice or vid) at LEAST fortnightly.
  • When Daddy is unavailable, I will go to Mummy with ANY pressing issues. 
  • I will feel free to message Mummy whenever i see Her online. For now this is our space, and i will use it as comfortably as my own home. We both have our own lives, but can still rush past for a hug and a snuggle at any time.

Submissive Sunday/ Mummy's Monday:
Mummy's Monday is free for Her girl. Contact with me is high priority - only children, work or emergencies precede. This will be the day Mummy will set my writing task, and we can debrief from the week and prepare for the one to come. This is also the day that any negotiations or extra tasks for the week ahead are set.
I will put time aside for Mummy on this day, but will never feel bad if my life here takes priority. I know my Mummy is resourceful and clever and will find something to do until i can find more time for Her.


  1. So, where does mummy live compared to you, as well as sir

    1. Hi there Mandy, welcome to my blog. :) Ma'am lives in Australia. Sir and I live together, we've been married for 19 years. :) Met Him when I was 14, married Him at 17. :)

      Thank you for your comment, I hope you enjoy the blog. :)


    2. Oh, and we live in the States, Colorado. :)

  2. How lucky you are that you have had real time with your Domme. I am in Aus, but Daddy is in the US and we have never met realtime- He is my mentor and Daddy. My Sir and I live in the same town but not in the same house and we both have our own families- a complication - He is my real time Sir and Daddy.

    I am loving your blog and your brave public 'out' personna- i am of the generation where I am 'in the closet'. I hate that discrimination, but it is what it is.

    1. Hey there Lil, lovely to hear from you again!

      You are in Australia? That is awesome. :) Not so awesome being that far away though, huh? I am though very grateful indeed that we have been given the chances to have real time together. Her last visit, we even got tattoos that hold a lot of meaning to us and match.. they are puzzle pieces. *pic in my sidebar if interested* I so appreciate you sharing your dynamics and relationships here with me. I very much look forward to continuing to get to know you better, little.

      And thank you, so much. It wasn't easy to come out like I did... and I am still battling that every now and again twinge of, oh gods what have I done? Should I post this?? lol. But I try to remind myself that this is what was holding me back in a lot of ways - and for us, it was time and the right thing to do.

      For many, I very much understand the need and/or desire to stay in the closet or be secretive about their lifestyles. *smile*

      Thank you again for commenting Little - I always enjoy hearing from you!



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