Monday, August 4, 2014

30 Days of Submission. Days 16 and 17.

 Eee, behind again! It was well worth it, though. Sir took me with Him out of town this weekend, He had weekend duty. When off work though, we had a very nice weekend and some very needed down time. All was great - even if we did get growled at by a bear! Ee! Much to catch up on, so forgive me for I am about to flood your blogging feed! xx brat

Day 16: Have you found your submission has changed with different partners/relationships? If you’re involved with partners of both sexes, does your submission relate or change based on gender or does it depend on the person?

Hm, I don't think my submission changes one way or another. No matter the gender. Only way I say it'd perhaps be different would be if following different rules/structures and protocols. Even with those I have bottomed for in the past, my base submission and how I submit stayed in tact. 

I only offer my submission to those I trust. I could see for some, if they were submitting to someone they didn't fully trust yet, how it'd perhaps alter how they submit. Or, how the comfort levels between the sub and Dom are. There are many factors that are usually involved when we chose to submit to another. Do we trust them with everything we have, and are? Are we fully comfortable with them? etc. etc.

Day 17: What does trust mean to you in the context of submission?

Trust is a HUGE factor. In the case of offering your body, mind, emotions, feelings.. and everything that you are - inside and out to your Dominant. You need to trust them with all those things, as well as your safety, sanity and happiness. It takes a lot of trust, as well as communication and honesty. Relationships like this often do not work without those things. When people ask me for guidance, that is the biggest advice I can give them. That you have - have - HAVE to have trust, communication and full honesty. 


  1. You know...I have found myself using the same advice even with my vanilla friends. Really for any relationship to be successful, I have realized the keys are trust and communication!

    1. Little girl, So very true. In all relationships, vanilla or D/s.. no matter the dynamics, trust and communication are essential. :)

  2. TTWD would never work without trust and communication. I trust Sir with my life, and we talk about everything! Heck we're even learning to listen to each other. LOL

    1. Yes - exactly! And I seriously laughed aloud to the, we're even learning to listen part!! I adore the heck out of you! lol! xxoo!


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