Friday, October 24, 2014

Morning mind wanders...and a challenge.

 Morning mind wanders....and an ending challenge. Happy Kinky Friday everyone! xx

"Across my lap, pet." He grabbed her by the arm firmly and placed her over his lap. She squealed, crying out in surprise as she felt him grabbing her very nonexistent panties, and ripping them down to her knees. She groaned and settled across his lap, knowing there was no use in struggling as she felt his hand come down hard on her ass. She yelped, remembering from last time to count, "One, Thank you."

He drew his hand back and cracked it down hard a second time, feeling her fingers dig into his thigh. She whimpered, shuddering as she felt a surge of wetness between her legs as she counted, "Two, Thank you."

He spanked her bottom two more times in quick succession,fighting against the need to linger over her soft warm flesh as he listened to her counting, "Three, Four, Thank you."

She squirmed, barely able to hold herself together as he spanked her again, this time with his leather strap, which caught the back of her thighs. She squealed and moaned, unable to hold it back as she counted, "Oh! Five, Thank you!"

She bit her lip,her body aching for release as her he continued to spank her, again and again. She counted each smack to her bottom, fighting hard against the urge to grind against his leg.

He felt her arousal against his leg as he continued, prolonging the torment as long as he could. Switching implements often, giving her a nice variety of color and of his marks.

She kept counting each swat,grunting and groaning each time. Her thoughts were racing as she kept trying to remind herself to relax and breathe against each strike. Desperately trying to keep count, her body throbbed and grew more and more wet. She gave up trying to hide her arousal, grinding against his leg as he beat her ass. She knew it was coming, and that she had earned every swat. By the time she started to really struggle to keep count,she knew she couldn't hold back any longer.

He laughed, all these swats across her little ass and thighs and his pet was squirming and grunting like a slut across his lap. His little slut. He still found it so ironic that she so deeply hated getting into trouble, but responded this way to his punishments. He himself though, was also enjoying this immensely, his cock was throbbing as he felt her squirms. He landed one more hard blow on her wet little pussy. sending her over the edge. She screamed out loud, the intense pain and pleasure mixing and rushing through her body as she felt his hand connect with her throbbing wetness.

He groaned inwardly as she thrashed on his lap and grunted out, "Oh god,no... I'm cumming.. I'm sorry, Sir!" She knew it now,that punishment has really only begun... cumming without permission is what landed her here in the first place!

She thrashed and groaned more, as her body continued to betray her, and then slipped off of his lap. Her face bright red as she looked up at him before quickly lowering her eyes to the floor. He watched as her she knelt, trying hard to hold back his amusement. "You're Daddy's little pain slut, aren't you pet?"

She blushed a deep crimson color, "Yes, Daddy."

He leaned forward and slipped his fingers under her collar,  gently attaching her leash and guiding her over to the foot of the bed. Sitting down, he guides her to his lap, stroking her neck softly. "What a very naughty pet you are, cumming without permission yet again....."

.................... And here brat challenges her fellow bloggers........ I challenge you guys to continue this story. and give it a good ending. ;) Comment or somehow let me know if you do, so I can link to your post with your additions. Could be fun! :)


  1. Oh, if mine wasn't so fresh in my memory this would be fun to "ad lib". Hopefully yours ended better than mine.

  2. Okay so....I cant think to add to the story, but I do have to say that it was hot lol

  3. Not wanting to have her get off his lap he grasped for something just out of reach behind his back. Impatient he ordered, "Get up and bend over the bed".

    She immediately did as she was told. She saw him grab at something quickly. She had merely managed to catch a glimpse of a shiny object. He moved in behind her holding her tight by her leash.

    "Shall we finish your punishment pet?"

    She nodded as she felt something cold and firm between her legs. Rubbing it against her wetness, she was confused by the mixed emotion of pleasure, exhaustion and excitement yet instantly wanting more.

    What was it and more importantly what was he planning on doing with it?

    1. Oh, Enzo... don't leave us hanging like that! lol....! :)

  4. Well Amber I was giving others a chance to add to the story. Don't want to be greedy! LOL
    Besides that might not be the direction you were looking for in the story.


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