Friday, October 3, 2014

Picture Challenge - Samantha and missy. Ask brat.

Ee. Behind again! I need to get to making tonight's dessert and dinner, but in hopes of catching up within the next week, I am going to tackle an ask brat question real quick! This one was a lot of fun! :) You guys as I always say, really do rock my toe socks. 

  This isn't really a question, but we were wondering if you would share some more personal pictures of yourself. The few you have on your blog give it a very personal touch. We would love to see more. Your personality really shines within your writing and your photos.  We have noticed you like taking on tasks and challenges. Perhaps you'd like to be challenged a bit with this:

Post a picture of, what else do all us Spankers and spankee's love; but a nice spankable bottom.
Post a silly picture or two of yourself. You seem to have a very playful and silly side.
You mentioned owning corsets in one of your posts. Share a photo with you in one, if it's allowed by your Dom. We thought this would be a fun post for you, and hope you have fun if your Dom allows you to do this. Keep up the great blog! 
Samantha and missy.
Hi Samantha and missy! First, thank you for writing.. and for your patience and it took me some time to get to this. I asked for Sir's permission to do this challenge, and it was fully granted! So, here we go! :) First, a bottom pic...
Me.. awaiting punishment one night.

Me - Silly Monster!
Hum, silly pictures.. I have a ton of those. lol. But, the picture that came to mind is last years Halloween costume. I went to the dungeon party dressed as Silly Monster, while carrying Sully from Monsters Inc. with me, claiming I was his sister. I had a lot of fun making mischief and spraying people with silly string that night! Hey, they call me brat for a reason. ;)

Me - spanked by Sully! x_x
And here is another bottom pic from that night once we were home....

And... here is a corset picture, in my favorite corset:
Me - Corset.
I had a lot of fun looking through photos for this challenge. Thank you for writing, and the fun idea! If anyone else would like to request photo posting, old or new.. comment! :)


  1. I really enjoy how playful your blog is! You have such a wonderful outgoing personality. And your Halloween picture is great.

    1. Pet - Aw, thank you so very much.. what a sweet thing to say! xx Hugs!

  2. This was a great idea for a post! Awesome pics, gorgeous corset !:)


    1. Hi Roz, thank you so much! :) Hugs! xx

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing! It is great to see such real and fun pics.
    Hadn't heard from you in awhile, so I decided to stop by.

    1. Hi Enzo! :) Thank you!! :) So glad you enjoyed them, and I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm a bit behind in blogland, but I'll be over catching up with your wonderful blog asap as well! :) xx

  4. Replies
    1. I alive.... but gotta stop going m.i.a, don't I? :o About to make a post about that here, stay tuned. :)

      Will be once again catching up with your blog over the next day or so. :) Miss you brother sub!!! xx

  5. IN re-seeing this post, I need to tell you that you have a very sexy body. There, I said it!

    1. *grin-blush* Why thank you! :) xxx

      And I'm glad you said it. hehe ;) x


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