Sunday, March 8, 2015


www.brattopia.comWell, after a bit of time of absence here, I have the new home all setup! As I have said in a recent post, I will be leaving this blog open, and will post links to new updates so new updates will still appear in the blogger feed.

I have added a blog list on the site, and really hope I got everyone! If I missed you, or you'd like to be linked, please let me know.

On the March question thing that is going around - +jay subhubphx  over at submissive husband in Phoenix was so kind to come and let me know about this, and I am now open for questions for anyone who would like to ask me any. I will be spending this coming week catching up on all your blogs, and asking questions as well. addition to my new domain, I have opened and am working on Brattopia's Forum. Which is an idea that sort of lead off the community blog idea. If enough people show interest, I will open a community blog for everyone on a subdomain of Brattopia. I think it could be really great! And I really hope the Forum will be something everyone will be interested in as well.

Ask Brat is back up and running - and I will be catching up on the couple of Ask brat questions that I have gotten recently.  I have added a contact form in the ask brat post for easier use. In that form, you can now also easily ask questions anonymously.

And, last but not least.. Brattopia is now on Facebook as well! :)

I have met SO many wonderful people here at Blogger, and I truly hope to see you guys at the new Domain. I will still be around reading and commenting.


  1. Your new site is brilliant! Love it and have it bookmarked. See you around the interwebs. (k)

    1. Aw,thank you Awkward Frog! I will still be visiting your blog as well. xx <3


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