Thursday, March 19, 2015
Thursday, March 19, 2015

Female Gushing- What about that A and U spot?!

I belong to a group of folks, a secret group – shhhh - that has the most amazing, and like, (Ack, 80’s lingo moment there!) open minded people ever. We joke. We share porn. We vent. We flirt. Everything, and anything goes with these guys and gals. I mean, seriously. A few nights ago in a thread we got to going on about squirting and female ejaculation. A couple of the ladies were like, AHH, no. Never has happened for me! So of course, I have decided to do a whole fun post about just that.
Rumor always holds it that it’s all about the G-spot. But, what about the A-spot and U-spot?! Don’t look at me like I am as crazy as a straw, these do exist, I promise!

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