Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial: Orgasm Control/Conditioning.

For those who are new to the life, this term is something that can be both intriguing and somewhat intimidating. I can assure you though, that by following these few steps, and being consistent, orgasm conditioning and control can become a part of your daily life, providing both pleasure and torment for any sub, of any gender.

              *NOTE: For those readers that are already in a long term relationship, some of these steps may seem a bit elementary but, for educational purposes, let’s start from the beginning.

 Step 1) Observe your partner during sex and play and take note of the things that get them off. Is it a particular position, soft or rough sex, or specific kinks such as spanking or needle play. And have your partner notify you when they are at the point of orgasm Do this for several sessions before you begin any kind of training.

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