Monday, September 8, 2014

Kinky/Sexual Bucket Lists.

 I got to thinking while writing days 4 and 5 of 30 Days of Truth about a sexual bucket list... I went and hit up google, and of course a ton came up! Here is one with 75 sexual things to do before dying. 

I will put a X on the ones I have done.. and a ! on the ones I want to do.

 If it doesn't apply, or just won't happen, I'll leave it blank. ;) And likely add a comment or two in some of them, knowing me. :P Feel free to copy them and do the same, I'd love to see what you guys put as well! :)

1. Kiss a girl  X
2. Have anal  X
3. Have a threesome X
4. Engage in group sex !
5. Have phone sex X
6. Masturbate X
7. Use a vibrator X
8. Use a sex toy on someone else X
9. Be tied up X
10. Tie someone up X
11. Have sex in a public space X
12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live porn does not count) X
13. Sex in a car X
14. Sex at a drive-in !
15. Mile-high club !
16. Sex with a stranger
17. One-night stand X
18. Married sex  X
19. Sex on a boat X
20. Sex in a body of water X
21. Light spanking X *only light?? Hmph!* lol
22. Read erotica X
23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game X
24. Sex in the shower X
25. Sex standing up against a wall X
26. Sex with no kissing X
27. Sex in the pitch black X
28. Sex in the broad daylight X
29. Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin X
30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness X
31. Watch porn together X
32. Watch porn alone X
33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms X
34. Sex on the beach X *this is really not what it's cut out to be - sand really goes into places you don't want it!*
35. Blindfolds X
36. Using ice sexually X
37. Sexual role play X
38. Whipped cream X
39. La Perla lingerie sex ... huh?
40. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex X - I guess? I'm more a costume type girl, though. ;)
41. Sex with someone much older X
42. Sex with someone younger (legal!) X
43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner !
44. A quickie in a skirt X
45. A longie in the rain X
46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you !
47. Feather ticklers X
48. Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else X
49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone X
50. Silent sex in a full house X
51. Sending naked photos to each another X
52. Talking really dirty X (Sir is so much better at this than I am, lol)
53. Sex while someone is watching .. X
54. Teasing your partner to the point of orgasm, over and over X
55. Really loud sex X - hah, always. I am loud!
56. Sex in a favorite position X mm, often!
57. Sex in a new position X
58. Orgasming at the same time X
59. Sex with deep emotion and love X
60. Spending all day naked X
61. Not sleeping all night X
62. Sex on the floor X
63. Sex while no one else knows you are doing it X
64. Trying the 69 position X
65. Sex with a condom X
66. Sex without a condom X
67. Oral sex with mints X
68. Sex in the back of a movie theater ! *did a hand job once,though*
69. Sex with someone you're angry at X
70. Masturbating during sex X
71. Having sexy nicknames with your partner X
72. Using a dildo and your man -- at the same time X
73. Feeding someone sexually X
74. Sex in a chair X
75. Sex with constant eye contact X

Ok, these were just to vanilla for me.. so I went on a new hunt. Now these are more like it!

  1. Have a male, female, male (MFM, MMF) threesome X
  2. Have a female, male, female (FMF, FFM) threesome X
  3. Have sex with 4 or more people !
  4. Have sex with a person of the same gender X
  5. Have sex with another person, while your partner watches X
  6. Watch your partner have sex with another person X
  7. Have sex with your partner, while someone else watches X
  8. Have anal sex X
  9. Have very rough sex X 
  10. Have very gentle sex X
  11. Have sex without foreplay X
  12. Have sex standing up X
  13. Have sex kneeling X
  14. Have sex facing away from your partner X
  15. Have sex facing sideways X
  16. Have sex with most of your clothes on X
  17. Have sex with one article of clothing on X
  18. Have sex without kissing X
  19. Have extremely quiet sex X
  20. Have extremely loud sex X
  21. Have sex with a stranger
  22. Have sex without orgasm X
  23. Get your hair pulled during sex X
  24. Have sex in an awkward/advanced position X
  25. Change positions multiple times during sex X

Places to Have Sex

  1. Have sex and videotape or webcam it X
  2. Masturbate and videotape or webcam it X
  3. Have an orgasm in front of people without them knowing X
  4. Have sex in public X
  5. Have sex at a movie theater !
  6. Have sex in a car X
  7. Have sex at a drive-thru !
  8. Have sex in a bathroom at a night club !
  9. Have sex on a balcony or porch X
  10. Have sex on an airplane !
  11. Have sex on public transit, including buses and taxi cabs X a greyhound bus, lol
  12. Have sex in the shower X
  13. Have sex on the kitchen counter/table X
  14. Have sex at work !
  15. Have sex in the woods X
  16. Have sex at a concert X
  17. Have sex for an audience ... the right audience maybe. ;)
  18. Have sex in the snow ...brr...o.O
  19. Have sex on a beach X .. again, not all it's cracked up to be. :P
  20. Have sex in the bed of a pick up truck X
  21. Have sex in an elevator !
  22. Have cybersex X
  23. Have sex in a church ...! I so would. :P
  24. Have sex on a building’s roof X
  25. Have sex in your parent’s house X
I'm adding one - because really it's not there??

26. Sex in a graveyard! ! I will do this one day!

Equipment to Use

  1. Find your favorite vibrator X *Hitachi wand*
  2. Discover a brand new dildo that you love X *hm, lately - realistic cock with suction cup base*
  3. Get some Ben Wa Balls and use them X
  4. Get a Kegel Exerciser and use it ? Must look into this.. I always just squeeze squeeze squeeze :P
  5. Use a Strap-On X
  6. Use Anal Beads X
  7. Buy some lingerie X
  8. Wear a cock ring ... n/a
  9. Wear some lace, leather or latex X
  10. Use a Butt Plug X
  11. Wear wrist and/or ankle cuffs X
  12. Get a blindfold on X
  13. Wear a chastity device !
  14. Get a corset X *own several*
  15. Wear nipple clamps X
  16. Purchase a mask or hood .... Only with Sir or Ma'am, I've worked hard to get past my claustrophobia in this area.
  17. Use play piercing needles X I LOVE needle play. I have pics, if anyone wants me to post them!
  18. Use a flogger, whip or cane X
  19. Buy bondage tape or medical tape X Duct tape is fun also :P
  20. Get a sexy pair of shoes or boots X hah, I own many. Boot obsessed I am. x_x
  21. Use household items as kinky toys X
  22. Wear spreader bars ! We surprisingly haven't done this. Would love it.
  23. Use furniture specifically designed for sex X
  24. Use an unconventional sex toy, such as an ice dildo X
  25. Use a fucking machine WANT WANT WANT.. what? Oh, ahem.. I mean.. !

Learn Something New

  1. Become familiar with your genitals X Many many years ago. :P
  2. Go to the strippers X We even went on our 17th wedding anniversary. lol
  3. Go to the strippers on amateur night and perform !
  4. Watch porn with your partner X
  5. Learn how to belly dance Can't with my spine being completely fused.
  6. Take a pole dancing class !
  7. Attend a munch X
  8. Attend a play party X
  9. Attend a sex-related workshop X
  10. Attend a sex-related class X
  11. Attend a sex-related conference, such as The Taboo Naughty but Nice Show !
  12. Read more erotic stories X
  13. Read more sex-related blogs X
  14. Get an informative sex-related book X
  15. Blog/write about your own sexuality X
  16. Learn about the Kama Sutra X
  17. Get erotic photographs taken of yourself X
  18. Show your partner an erotic dance, or have them do one for you X
  19. Learn how to have great oral sex X
  20. Learn how to give an erotic massage X
  21. Learn how to squirt X This is amazing once you learn how to do it!
  22. Subscribe to an erotic magazine X
  23. Trim or shave your pubic hair X
  24. Discover the art of rope bondage X
  25. Role Play X

Kinky Fucky Time

Hm, did they mean fuckery? x_x
  1. Have your genitals worshipped n/a
  2. Have your genitals tortured X
  3. Play with a violet wand or TENS unit X
  4. Wear a gag X
  5. Be put in a cage or confined X I love being caged! So much so, that I have for years used the online name of brat in a cage. :P You get a star if you can think of similar lyrics to what inspired the name!
  6. Be humiliated or humiliate someone else X
  7. Have your breasts whipped X
  8. Experience sensory deprivation X
  9. Have consensual non-consensual sex (rape play) Mixed feelings on this one..
  10. Have marks left over the next day X
Needs more spanking related ones! 

Seems like it's still missing some other things as well... should we add to it? ;)

xx brat


  1. Here is a bucket list you might find appealing

    hope the link works

    1. Ooh, thanks tori! I will check it out! :) I may have to do a round 2! lol

  2. I am going to do this! Watch for it soon. :)

    1. I saw.. loved your list! Glad you did this with me! :) xx


  3. Fuck machines are AWESOME!! A must have..ahem...we have 2:)

    1. little girl - Eee, I'm so jealous! lol! I've wanted one for sooo long! Hopefully one day! x_x

  4. Haha! There's much not left for you to do on your bucket list! Good for you, girl! ;o)

    I approve.

    1. Siren, lol - very true! I need to find some new adventures I think!

      Happy to have your approval.. *big grins* xxoo

  5. Hi Amber just catching up on your posts.

    Wow Impressive! Naughty girl ;)

    To #5 under Kinky Fucky Time - Is "Rat in a cage" by Smashing Pumpkins?

    1. Enzo - YES! lol. You're the only person here who has caught it. A few people over the last few years have caught it once in awhile on Fetlife. :) You get a star! hehe! :)

      Naughty girl, that I am. lol.


  6. Cool!
    A star -
    I'll take it only if I get to pin it on someone somewhere.


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