Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Fellatio Project - Oral Gone OMG!
In playing catch up on comments and everyone's blogs (again!), I came across an awesome blog - Rebel's notes. I dived into some of the awesome posts and then checked out the listed projects and meme's that were listed. Because, you all know at this point how much I love doing those type of things!

Imagine my excitement when I saw the Fellatio Project! I have a link to the story that instantly came to my mind in the stories tab - but I just had to share it here for this project!

I seriously love giving oral! It is a huge turn on! I would saying that pleasing/pleasuring is one of my biggest turn ons,even.

I am a bit cock obsessed, (Ok, Sir would say a lot obsessed!) and get completely lost into what I am doing when performing oral on Sir. I have seriously spent many years perfecting this art, much to His pleasure! :)

But.... sometimes things can go a bit... well, not the way you'd like! This, short - but a bit mortifying story tells one of those times!

Here's what the post said!

Despite what you read, or see in porn. Sex isn't always as clean, or smooth as we would like it to be. I am sure all of us have had those, EEE,AHHH, OMG moments during sex. Here is one from this pup...that my Daddy/Sir found very, laugh out loud amusing.. me? Well, not so much. Not at the time, anyway!
After some very intense and amazing play I had been granted permission to finish Him orally, which I absolutely love doing. There is a combination of things I do that make him crazy and give Him some of His more intense orgasms.

So here I am, shaking and trembling from the already mind blowing orgasms that have been given.. and He orders me to not take my mouth off of Him as I work Him up with my hands and mouth (with yummy bubble gum lube!) His hands still caressing and working over my very sensitive areas, ordering me to cum and cum... that I am so excited and turned on, and sucking good and hard.

Now... a little thing I do when He is having his orgasm during oral, is add more suction right as He starts to ejaculate. He says this makes the orgasm way more powerful and intense for Him. I've always been able to do this well... but this time, I don't know if I was because I kept having orgasms during, or just got a little to... suction like excited.. but I actually sucked so hard that his sperm, instead of it all just rushing down my throat some of it, came.. out.. of... my.... nose!

I realized what was happening as I saw a drop land back on Him and felt like my nose was suddenly running! I tried to keep my shock and utter.. omg moment to myself long enough to make sure His bed grabbing, growl grunting intense moment was easing down.. but then sat up... and He caught on to what just happened. This ended in Him laughing His butt off, and me sputtering and running to blow my nose and get a drink, while trying not to crack up myself!

I guess I see the logic of how it happened, but .. seriously?! lol!


  1. Replies
    1. Almost as bad as the time He walked across the satin sheets while carrying me and dropped me on the floor. This one was more mortifying though,lol!

    2. Lmao That's too funny. I'm laughing a lot. Thanks for that love. Hahhaha

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe, never thought it'd fall into a cool area - I was so embarrassed. :) xx

  3. To funny Amber, but I can see it happening

    1. Hey Slave David! :) Lol, yeah... I can totally see how this happened... I've been very careful with that technique since then! :) xx

  4. lmao...well its easy to laugh when its someone else, i would be mortified lol


    1. tori, lol .. I totally was mortified! I didn't know if I should laugh or hide! hehe xx

  5. This is so funny! I just had to giggle!

    Thanks for joining in with The Fellatio Project and sorry for my late reply to this. Things have been a bit hectic on this side with problems with my sites. If you have any other fellatio stories, feel free to link those too :)

    Rebel xox


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