Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One more, I swear! Iron Butt?

Ok - I'm sorry I've been such a post whore today! This is what happens when I am out of medicine, and awaiting the pharmacy to deliver it- but they can't till tomorrow afternoon! x_x

Anyway - this will be a quick one.. then I will shut up.... 'till tomorrow anyway!

Sir wrote a post the other day, and I promised to link it out for Him. He said it all really well, but I'll give this small preview....

"Seriously, Tony Stark would be impressed with the natural armor that this girl's glutes possess."

He would really like some input on this subject, from Dom's and subs alike.  If you guys wouldn't mind. xx

The Unbreakable Ass.


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  2. Wow, I've never heard of such a thing. Do you feel the pain? I still think photos should be posted and let your audience decide if they are photo worthy or not. SMILE

    1. jay - Oh yes, I assure you, I feel the pain. This happens even after harsh punishment sessions. I have had times in the past where I bruised really really well. I have a pic somewhere (I can dig it out and share if you like) of what my bum looked like after I toiler papered the Harley! Sir delivers a heck of a swat, esp during punishment. Very harsh!

      I will ask Sir about posting a pic of what we are getting now - I think He will approve and like the idea. ;) I could cast a poll with it, haha! :) xx

  3. I did leave a comment there suggesting a whip, but as thats a no-go i shall think of something else, but really its worth looking into whipping if time allows, and there are so many different types of whips that one can start with rather than going straight to the more intense ones like the bullwhip...rather than going to fetish stores etc, try farm shops, horse supply shops, plenty of whips at a reasonable price.

    umm suggestions ok

    Electrical cord/flex, if made as a loop, leaves rather distinctive marks

    Rubber strap

    thats all i got at the moment off the top of my head, that might be something new

    1. tori,

      We saw the comment on the whipping. I've always had a serious wonder about whips.. I'm masochist enough for them. lol Sir said He wants to study up and learn some techniques and try it. :)

      I believe way back He used an electrical cord, but I was sill marking well back then. May have to revisit that as an implement. Hm, rubber strap - I don't think He's ever used a rubber strap - leather, but not rubber. He used to use a rubber spatula thing, I broke that with my bum also. x_x lol

      Thank you for the suggestions sweetie - if you think of more, please do share! :)


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