Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Look at me, I'm growing!

Things have been rather busy here.

A few may remember that I have mentioned my brother a few times in past posts. He died about 12 years ago, and to this day I don't handle his death real well. He was my everything growing up, and my best friend throughout life even as adults. Well, years after his death a young girl contacted me on Facebook. I had heard about her, and that Brian may have had a daughter at one time. He never knew for sure if she was his, but he paid child support for her and always said..."If I don't take care of her, no one else will." That's just the kind of guy he was. Had an amazing heart.

Anyway, fast forward and we talked here and there throughout a few years. We ended up doing a DNA test and what I already suspected was true. A very high 90 percent something said yes, she is his. I didn't have much doubt. You could see the resemblance in her photos.  Sir was convinced on day one being she looks so much like me. There was a ton of family drama, from some in her family, and a lot in my family. Her and I just kinda got stuck in the middle of it all. I got to a point where I closed down to all of it. You can only get disowned by family so many times before you get a bit bitter.

Well, the timing was finally right and she is here. I am completely amazed by how much she looks like a mix of me and my brother. We're taking time to get to know her, she'll be here for a few weeks or so. So many crazy mix of emotions so far.

She fits in well here, and I am enjoying watching her get to know everyone...and getting to know her. Look at me, I'm growing. ;) I am learning to embrace, and not run away. Woo!

Aside that, the main reason I came to post is to show you guys my new collar! I have many collars, from casual to formal. All of them though, are leather or other material that cannot get wet and so on. With that said, I often get in trouble for forgetting to put it back on. Bad brat! I try to do better with this. No choice of forgetting with this one, it locks! :) Anyway, Sir and I have been wanting a new every day collar for awhile. Eee! I am so excited to get it. Isn't it pretty!? xx


  1. Congrats!! Lots of good stuff happening:)

  2. That's so great you get to spend time with her! Dumb family drama...

    Totally jealous of the collar!!

    1. Misty, yeah, it's been really good so far. :) Right? Family drama sucks monkey toes. x_x

      Aw, hugs! What kind of collar do you wear.. or do you? :) Hugs!

    2. I don't have one :( Not even for playing!

      He knows that I'd like one though. I made sure to show him pictures of some that I like, juuuust in case. :)

    3. Aw, I hope you can get one Misty! I always feel naked without mine. :)


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