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Ask brat. Positions for a sub/slave:

 Dear brat, could you share a list of submissive and slave positions for those of us who are new? Love your blog. My Master and I both hope to see more ask brat and advice posts. Thank you in advance, kira

Hi kira! I have to admit, this is a subject I sorely need to work on myself, so I am happy to share a list I have had sitting here for awhile now. I don't recall where I got this list, but it seems a decent one. I hope it helps!

                                                   Positions for a sub/slave:

The slave moves to lay face down upon the floor, face to the floor, head turned to the left, legs straight with ankles crossed and wrists crossed at the small of the bac
The slave moves to her belly, hands palms down near the sides of her head, forehead to the ground and waits for further orders
Belly Crawl:
From the Belly position, except hands to her sides, the slave crawls to the Master.
In this standard binding position the girl turns to face away from the Master, back and shoulders straight, wrists held at the small of the back for ease in attaching slave bracelets
The slave gets down on all fours, palms to elbows flat against the floor, bottom in the air, forehead close but not quite touching the ground and crawls to within inches of the Master's feet.
Collaring Position:
Sometimes referred to as the submission/collaring position, binding position, or posture of female submission. In this position the slave kneels at the Master's feet and leans her body back, sitting upon her heels, with her arms extended upward, crossed at the wrists, and her head beneath them lowered in supplication.
Display Position:
Stands, feet about shoulders width apart, fingers laced behind the neck with elbows back, head up and eyes lowered.
Gorean (Love) Bow:
kneels in nadu position, she bends her body backwards, her head to the floor, she places her hands by her head, and pulls up into a back bend. (this position is very painful to maintain for longer than 5 min
The girl stands and bows at the waist, letting her hair fall forward for display, to be seized or for any other purpose the Master might require. Another varient of this position sometime used is for the slave to stay in her previous position just bowing her head and letting her hair dangle before her for whatever use required.
The slave goes to the Master's left if He is right handed, right if left handed and about one and a half paces behind Him. She follows His movements from that point
A position in which a kneeling, braceleted slave is displayed by her Master for the perusal of others. A leash or lead is attached to her collar and raised until her head carriage is very high, her chin thrust forward, her neck stretched straight upward from her shoulders. Sometimes a Master will command a girl to assume this position even when she has not been leashed and braceleted, for his viewing pleasure. An excellent position whereby a slave's mouth can be forced open for feeding, or to have her teeth checked.
Kneel to the Coffle:
Kneels, normally thighs parted, up upon the heels and lifts either the left or right wrist outwards, depending on the type of coffle, so that the wrist can be attached to a wrist ring within the coffle chain.
The slave stands and moves behind her Master,slightly to His left or right side depending on which of His hands is dominant,bending at the waist. She places her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Master's hip, that he might lead her easily by the hair while walking. Alternately the Master may simply drop his hand to his hip (usually his left hand to his left hip) and open and close it, signalling non-verbally that he wishes the slave to place her hair within his hand, at his disposal, for leading
Lesha (Standard Binding Position):
From the Schendese(?) word Lesha, which possibly translates as "leash" or "bonds." In this position, the slave remains either standing or kneeling, depending upon the current position she is in. She turns and puts her back to her Master, her chin up, her head turned to the left so a leash may be attached to her collar, with her back and shoulders straight. Her wrists are extended behind her, side by side, in a position to be locked into chained slave bracelets. If she is already prone, the slave crosses her wrists behind her back, and also crosses her ankles, in preparation to be tied or chained.
Nadu (also known as Pleasure Slave Position):
The first and most often used of all of the Gorean slave positions, and one of the first ones a slave learns. The command is often called "Nadu," from what seems to be a common Gorean word for "kneel." In this position the slave kneels and sits upon her heels with her back and shoulders straight, her chest out, belly in, and her head up, though she averts her eyes to the floor. Her thighs are open, widely spread, and her hands rest upon her thighs. A common misconception of this position is that the ankles are crossed. Occasionally the wrists are crossed behind the back, a variation which seems to be practiced in several cities, notably the city of Thentis. There is a nonverbal command signal associated with this position: to signal that the slave should assume the position, the Master may simply point to the floor and then, with his first two fingers extended and his hand palm-downward, spread his first two fingers open (the index and pointer fingers) as if they were the slave's "legs" opening to kneel. The slave is expected to respond to this gesture as they would to the spoken command
Nadu Note: In the position of nadu, a slaves hands show her desire towards the One she kneels before.. many seem to think that it is always knelt in palms up.. that isnt the case, a girl would turn her palms up to Him showing that she desired to please in any way.
When a slave is told to nestle she fits herself against the Master's side, snuggling into the crook of His arm.
The slave lays upon their stomach, face down before the Freeperson turning their head and placing their cheek against their feet. They kiss the Freeperson's feet lightly in a gesture of love and submission. She may also lick them or dust them with her hair in this manner.
There are a few different forms of this position though all have the same basic meaning behind it. Each is a show of female submission. Here are three:
1) the slave kneels in nadu with her head lowered.
2) from nadu, the slave lowers head to the ground, placing her hands against the ground, palms lowered. (this is sometimes refered to as karta)
3) the slave moves to her belly and slowly inches forward to the Master's feet and at that point proceeds to lick and kiss at them before bellying back somewhat. (this position is known among many as the "belly" position)
This command is can be either ordered by the Freeperson or begged for by the slave. The slave is usually always in the nadu position at a Freeperson's feet. The slave then leans over and starting at his feet, begins to lick, kiss and stroke them, working their way up the Freeperson's body, pleasuring them with their lips,tongue, and hands to the very best of their ability.
Prostrate (Karta):
kneel, thighs parted and touch forehead to the floor, stretch arms out before you with palms face down and fingers spread.
When this command is given, the slave runs toward their objective, taking short rapid steps, with legs almost straight, feet hardly leaving the floor. As they move, their back is straight, head is turned to the left, and arms are at their sides, palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle to the body. Upon reaching the objective the slave drops gracefully to their knees and typically resumes the position of nadu.
moves to knees and elbows, hands clasped over your head, bottom in the air, ready for either being beaten on the bottom or being taken from behind like an animal.
Slave Lips
When this command is given, the slave turns their head up to the Freeperson, lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. The slave remains motionless, lips thusly puckered, and may not move until the slave is granted the kiss of the Freeperson. This can be used to silence a slave until the Freeperson is ready to allow them speech again.
Slaver's Caress or Whip Caress:
to the floor on all fours, cheek pressed to the ground, bottom high in the air, thighs widely spread, slaves heat exposed.
shoulders back, with feet slightly parted, the left foot somewhat forward of the right with a slight flex in the knee and the feet angled out a bit, hips canted slightly, right hand rests palm in on the hip, left hand resting with the palm against the upper thigh, This is a seductive pose
Standard Binding Position:
When ordered into standard binding position the girl lays on the ground, wrists crossed behind the back and ankles crossed. (this is most likely another name for bara)
knelt before the Master, head lowered, lifting and extending arms up to Him, wrists crossed.
Sula or Prone:
lay on back on the floor, spread feet shoulder-width apart, and rest arms with palms up at sides, awaiting His pleasure.
This is not an actual position. Below is a portion of the books often referred to as "sula-ki" online. lays on back on the floor feet to the floor, hands at sides palms open and up, legs are spread widely apart, readyfor sex or bondage or control lift hips off the floor slowly to entice usage
Supine Capture Position:
The slave lays down upon her back, bending her knees to place her feet flat against the ground, hands at her side and remains motionless.
The slave assumes nadu or tower then the wrists are crossed behind the back instead of upon thighs. This gives the effect of the chest or breasts being thrust forward, even further enhancing the appearance.
When Freepersons pass by in a hallway, room, or otherwise, slaves are to stop what the are doing and go down to their knees into tower or nadu, and then quickly lower their forehead to the floor, their arms outstretched and remain in this still position until the free person, or persons have completely passed by, or the Freeperson decides to command the slaves otherwise.
Tower Kneel(Nadu):
There is another variation of Nadu in which the slave kneels the same way, but with her knees modestly together. This variation is referred to as Tower Slave Position and is typically reserved for underage or white-silk slavegirls, or slavegirls who serve their Master in a non-sexual way, such as a Tower Slave or female Work Slave. When at rest, the slaves hands can be modestly crossed at the wrist, and lay in her lap.
The slave falls to all fours, head up, eyes forward, thighs spread wide, bottom thrust into the air, to await the use of the Freeperson.
When this command is given, the slave turns in a graceful pirouette, hair swinging. The slave then walks, gliding across the room, feet hardly seeming to leave the floor, hips swaying sensually, body erect and proud. When the reaches the objective they halt and stand, body erect, shoulders back, chest thrust forward, belly in. the slave turns their hips out a bit, hands at their sides, and points one foot. The head is up and the eyes are lowered.
Whipping Position:
quickly drops to knees, and place forehead to the floor, hips raised high, cross arms across belly fingers gripping your sides. Another variation is to kneel in nadu, back towards the Master, cross your arms in front of you, across your chest.


  1. Very impressive. A good primer for all new slaves. Have you done all the positions?


  2. FD, it is quite the helpful list. I actually want to print this, and hang it in the bedroom. Sir and I have talked about my learning to do more of them instantly. A few I know well, and am ordered into a lot, but definitely need to study some of the others and master them. :) Haven't done all of them yet to date, working on it, though! :)

    Hope you are having a good week, I am counting down days with you! :) xx brat

  3. Wonderful list, we don't usually do positioning, but I'm so happy to learn more. Thank you!

    1. Blue Froggie babe, you are very welcome! :) xx


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