Thursday, January 29, 2015

 New question from Chaotic Lil Imp! :)

What is one fantasy you have but have not lived. Why haven't you lived it? If you have none share your favorite fantasy that has come true and what you experienced or felt.

Hm. Another tough one. 

We have done just about everything so far. I have many favorites in all the things we have tried and explored. The one that screams out in my mind though, is the Daddy/lg/sister or triad dynamic. While things with our ex ended so badly, when it was good, it was really good. We were working on that threesome/triad dynamic. 

We got a feel of what it would be like for Him to have both His girls. For me to have Him, plus her. The feelings of closeness that can be had in a triad can be amazing if with the right people. While it takes so much much much honesty, what relationship doesn't for it to really work? 

I miss the closeness, not just in sex...but in all things. Curling up and watching a movie. Enjoying every day things with one another. A shared bath. A shared spanking. Big puppy pile sessions with junk food, good music and conversation. 

I am not real sure this falls into the fantasy category, for it's something we do want to make a reality once again. When the time is right. But, it's all that came to mind. xx


  1. This is great! Good job.


    1. Thank you sweetie! You always have good questions! (k)

  2. Soooooo many questions! But just one for now...

    How did that work out for y'all with kids around? I mean, I know you weren't getting down and dirty in front of them but, did they know her? Was she around them a lot? How did you manage that?

    I don't want to pry, or anything, so if you don't want to talk any more about it, that's totally cool :)

    1. Misty, I do not mind at all hon! Ask anything you are curious about. :)

      At first, we introduced her to the kids, she was coming down to the house a lot, even before we all decided to give the triad a shot. It wasn't 'till after that though, that we started doing more with her plus kids. Things like having a BBQ, or we took our daughter to a pet store with her one day, smallish things like that. Our older kids know how we live, we decided to be, mostly honest with them. Meaning, we try to keep it to an honest point, but not completely scar them forever point! lol.

      I'd say it was maybe a little awkward at first with all of it, but it became normal. :)

      P.S Have you heard back yet? Been meaning to email you! I finally heard back a couple of days ago. :)

    2. Do you think it's possible to have that without kids/family/friends knowing? Or do you think at some point it just becomes obvious?

      I don't even know why I'm asking, it's not like girls are knocking on our door! I'm just...I don't know... *blush*...thinking waaaaaaaaaay too far waaaaaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaay too far ahead...maybe just dreaming...

      I probably should just email you, lol.

      Oh! Yes, I also heard back a few days ago. Now just gotta wait for it to happen. I hate waiting!! Lol.

    3. Hm, yes.. I do think it is possible. Maybe to those we are closet with, it becomes obvious.. but in the end, if it makes you guys happy.. if they are true friends they will understand and be supportive. I do think it can be done both ways, though. :)

      Lol, yeah, they are not knocking down our door either. *whimper* :P Especially since we have stepped out of the local community. Makes it that much harder. I am so excited to move and meet new people, and get back out there!

      Hehe, my email is always open to you babe! Hit me here, or there.. either is fine. ;)

      Lol, yeah - waiting gets hard. x_x

  3. Funny, your description is scarily close to the description of the very same recurring fantasy I have. Huh. Of course the "third leg of the stool" would have to be a woman that would be submissive to my beautiful Mistress K.

    Btw, no offense but i like your old format better. *smoochie!

    1. brother sub,
      Lovely to think about huh? :) Does your Mistress share the fantasy as well?

      No offense taken! *smile* I am still not 100 percent happy with how i have the links and such setup, but I am enjoying the new layout. Well, that and i got tired of breaking the internet. lol.

      Hugggle smooch! xx

    2. Hi sweetheart. I don't know if Mistress shares that fantasy as well. I suspect that she might but will consciously deny it for fear that if it were to happen, she might have a taste of something that she might be unable to resist taking it further. I think that scares her a bit.

  4. Interesting dynamic. I'm just too jealous, okay it's really insecurity of a person. Love the new layout.

    1. His slut, it definitely takes a lot of communication, honesty and working on security and such. :) And thank you! Responded to your email this morning. xx


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