Saturday, January 17, 2015

Spanking the Writers Block.

  Chaotic Lil Imp and I are going to do some challenging one another,and give each other some topics and questions to get us out of that not posting funk. Her first question to me is:

What has changed within your dynamic this past year? Is it a positive or negative change? How has it affected how you serve?

This was a question I had to sit and really think about. A lot has changed in the last year with us. Him going through His medical retirement process, me coming off of the meds.. the plans to move later this year, etc. We left the local community, we've been out of place - out of touch with our 24/7 dynamic. We have so many changes coming this year as well. 

We've been so out of the lifestyle loop, and for awhile there, I just didn't feel like myself.. at all. My submission is such a huge part of who I am. The small things, didn't change much, some things become such a natural thing to do. But, a lot in the discipline area just lacked being there. I think it's safe to say that anyone who lives this way finds that, without consistency, things really start to slide. 

An example would be - say I spill something, then trip over something, then step on a lego for the 100th time this week. Sh*t - mumble - insert other swear words there. 

Oops, I just swore.. and broke the no swearing rule.... again.

Nothing happens - so unlike Him. Houston we have a problem here! Hm, sh*t. Hey, I broke it again..... nothing. And so on, and so on. Before you know it, you're often breaking that rule.  

That was often how it has gone over the last year. 

The good news is though, is we've sat and talked a lot about this lately. Figuring out the why's of it all, and how to get us both back into that place that is us, and makes us happy. We sat and went back over the rules, and had set a restart date that was Monday. We're making and working on the changes that get me back into my submission fully, and Him back into His Dominance. We both agree that is who we are,  not just how we live, and how important it is to do all we can to get back on track. Yes! I see that progress marker even closer this time!

How did it affect how I served? Well, some things are just me and how I do things , and such habit to do. Serving coffee, serving Him, those things didn't get off track much. For me, it was more - breaking a lot of the smaller rules, and knowing that even though I was, no real discipline or consequence would come from it. 

When it comes to dynamics, the other change would be, we agreed to open ourselves back up to polyamorous as well. We're going slow with it, but are determined not to let the one very bad relationship with our ex girlfriend ruin who we are, and future relationships.  We've taken the time to heal and get past it, it's now time to move on. 

Thank you for the thought invoking, and very time appropriate question, chaotic imp. :) I look forward to doing more of these with you! We'll spank this writers block.. you'll see.  xx


  1. Great to hear you have a reset starting Monday when he will be more Dominant and you will be more submissive. I think this lifestyle will make both of you happier if you both put the time and effort into it. Good luck going forward. And let us know how you do as you blog more often.


    1. Thank you so much, Florida Dom! Your advice has been so greatly appreciated throughout all of this. I have so much respect for you kind Sir. :)

      It feels so very good to be getting back on track! :) x

  2. Eeeeee! This is such a good response to my question, I picked it because I felt we had been talking about your Dynamic the last few times we had spoken, and I knew this would be one you would have to think about.

    I am excited to see progress between you, and Sir. It is important to us submissives (I can only talk about you and I) to have structure, and a understanding of where we lie within our relationships. We need to have discipline, and consistency or even the slightlest of things start to slack.

    I am struggling with your question to me, because I feel as if I have not dipped into the community enough to answer it. Every time I sit to write I struggle with the words. I hope I can complete my question, and come up with a new one for you :)

    Mwah ~Sugarpop

    1. Lol, thank you,imp. It was a good question.. very time fitting and appropriate!

      Do you need a different question for now? I need to go check your blog and see where you're sitting with this. :) Trying to catch up today, spent most of yesterday with my fever being back. Bleh! x_x


  3. The challenge is a great idea and this is a great question! I enjoyed reading your answer. You have had so much going on and it's so easy for life to get in the wsy. I agree with you about consistency. Without it, things do slide.

    I'm so glad you and your Sir have talked and that you are about to restart. Wishing you the best going forward.


    1. Thank you so much, Roz. Your support and being here always means so much to me. I know you very much understand how it is. :)

      Hugs sweet Roz! :) xx

  4. Good to see ya back, kid. :)

    1. LittleWish! Glad to see you here. :) And thank you! xx


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