Thursday, January 1, 2015

Helping brat get her writing groove back?

Wishing all my wonderful and kinky friends here in blogland and google plus a very happy, sexy New Year!

I've been bad about writing, yet again. And I have been doing a lot of thinking, self reflecting and such in the last couple of months since coming off of the meds. Things here, have been really off track. With Daddy preparing for His medical retirement and all the changes that are coming with it - me coming off of the meds and relearning how to live and function without the pain relief and so on, that I just get into a funk where I don't feel like I have much to share or write about.

We left the local community here awhile ago after the breakup with our Ex girlfriend, and that also took a lot of the topics out of my head. A lot of adjustments. We will be reentering the community once we move, but feel it's best to step out of the local one here with all the upcoming changes. In doing that, though. A lot of the exciting experiences, lessons and etc. are not really that present to write about. 

I have gotten some wonderful advice from the so very kind Flordia Dom, thank you again, FD. and we're working on getting things back on track in the 24/7 life.

When I first came back to blogging, I was often finding things that kept me writing - 30 days of submission, or things like that. While they could be a bit redundant, it kept me motivated and writing. Other topics seemed to flow freely when I had other things here as well to keep me focused. I may try some new things like that this year - but I also am going to seek help from all of you. Throw me questions, topics, writing challenges, anything and I will write or answer them here. Hold nothing back. ;)

If, I start to slack, Daddy has agreed to be the enforcer behind it, with whatever punishment seems fitting. I believe writing blog posts in crayon before getting typed was mentioned, Eee! x_x

Of course, I am going to make myself a list as well, and ask Daddy to think on it also. So there will hopefully be a lot of other fun, kinky or hopefully interesting posts from that as well. ;) I am on a New Years mission! What do you guys say - challenge this brat? Help me find my writing groove again?

I truly hope you all have had an absolute wonderful Holiday. I have come to think so much of all you here - and cannot wait to see what 2015 brings us all! Happy New Year, everyone. xx


  1. Happy New Year to you as well! Glad to see you back. Hoping you stay around longer this time;P

    1. little girl, to you also sweetie! And, I sure am going to try to be! lol. Hugs! :)

  2. Happy New Year! Wishing you the very best in 2015. Ttwd has been non-existent for some time here and I too have been awol from my blog as a result, coupled with technology issues. Blog posts in crayon ... eek lol


    1. Roz, Happy New Year to you also hon! Here's to hoping we both get our groove back. Even harder when you have technology issues. Hope you can get them worked out,hon. :)

      And the blog posts crayon... eeek, right?! x_x lol

      Hugs! :) xx

  3. I think the first thing you need to do is feel OK with not apologizing for whatever time you are away. You'll be here when you can and in whatever capacity you (or are willing to be in) and we will be thankful and appreciative when you do.

    Little sister sub .... Like everyone else, I only want what is best for you. I know how it feels to have a ton of shit (good and bad) inside your head and seemingly no words to describe them. That's OK too. I've often seen an incredible collection of meaningful words from you, so I have no doubt there will be plenty more. You have some really nice momentum going on in your life it seems and I can't wait to hear all about it.

    Much Love


    1. I completely agree. I am trying hard not to apologize when I'm not writing, too much pressure. I'm just happy to see a post from you when you do have the time/energy/headspace for it.
      Hang in there, your groove will come back. <3

    2. Aw, brother sub. How well you oddly know me from so far away! And always so supportive and kind. Thank you! I am so happy to have you in my life!

      I sat and thought about you said here, and you're right.. I do so feel guilty when I go awhile without posting and etc here in Blogland. I shall work on that, I promise.:) What a perfect brother sub you are! Much love right back! :) <3

    3. Blue frog babe, yeah - he, and you and Pet's comment below are so right. The pressure is no good that we put on ourselves with it. Makes it harder, I suppose. Going to work on letting that go - and just enjoying writing when I do have my groove, and enjoying all of what my wonderful friends share and have to say when you guys do. I never expected to meet such awesome people when I returned to blogland - and am so happy that I have! Thank you for always being there, hon! <3

  4. Sub Hub is right...stop apologizing. Life happens and we all understand that. All the changes going on in your life can make writing difficult. Your blog should not be stressful. We will be here when you do write. :)

    I hope you have a great 2015 and that all the upcoming changes go smoothly.


    1. Pet, thank you so much. You guys are so very right. It shouldn't be stressful, indeed. Wishing you a great 2015 also, lots of changes coming for both of us, huh? Here's to an awesome new year! xx

  5. I am with you, I have had a long break from writing on my blog as well, but I am going to try to write at least once a week to keep me going. I look forward to reading your writings and sharing with you as well!

    1. Needy T, hey you, nice to hear from you! :)

      I'll tell you what, I'll try to help you stay motivated, if you do the same for me! lol. We'll be on this together, whatcha say? hehe. xx

      And ditto, I look fwd to it all also! :) xx

  6. Amber -

    Sub hub said it best, and as others agree, no need to apologize. Stop it. I saw some great advice from a blogger once (it may have been Bonnie from Bottom Smarts) which was: blog around your life; don't live around your blog.

    Regardless always glad to see you when you do post!

    Motivation? Always feel free to email me whenever you need it and are stuck for ideas. I'll get your mind going. ;)


    1. Enzo, Smiles, thank you.. truly.. and that is, wonderful advice indeed!

      And hey, I may just take you up on that offer! lol. Thank you! ;)

      xx Hugs!

  7. omg, brat, I read this post a few days ago and was going to comment, but I got totally side tracked and forgot until I saw your comment on my blog! Ugh.

    I think it's hard to blog when life is crazy, especially the kind of crazy you got going on. Maybe just try to post/read once a week, and go from there?? I would hate for you to leave the blog all together, so...figure it out! :) (that was my lame attempt at being bossy, btw)

    I will try to think of some ideas for you, my brain power is running kinda thin though. Lol.

  8. misty, lol.. I so do that myself! :)

    That is so true, it does get hard, doesn't it? But I think you're very right, and I am going to try that. I am determined to get past this, and get back to posting like a normal person again! :) LOL, your lame attempt is much like my own when I try. I always get told, aw, how cute, you're trying to be bossy or Dominant. :P hehe.

    Always love hearing from you. Hugs! :) xx


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