Wednesday, July 23, 2014

30 Days of Submission: Day 6.

Day 6: What do you feel are the roots of your submission? Do you think it has something to do with childhood?
We covered most of this in my thoughts about my submission and childhood in last weeks Submissive Task Sunday (found here). 

I would say that yes, it is very likely that my submission does have something to do with my childhood. 

 Is it a relationship management tool as in the practice of domestic discipline?

A relationship management tool? Um, I really have no idea how to answer this one. We've always had  an awesome relationship (With both Sir and Ma'am). I think, with, or without the D/s, we would manage just fine. Perhaps I am not understanding this part fully. o.O 

In my view, if there are problems in a relationship, they will be there whether or not you go into a D/s relationship or not. I can see how it *may* help for some, but if there are problems existing, it could always make it worse as well. These type of dynamics take full trust, honesty and communication. If one submits to another, it is normally because (or should be) they trust their Dominant with everything they are.. and have.

Is it a sexual thrill or something else?
Of course there is a sexual thrill to it - sexual tingles - wobbly legs - swooning - eyes rolling back into your head in complete pleasure - wall banging orgasms - lovely red bottoms - hands around throats.... um, wait, I had a question to answer!

While yes - I do have many.... *many* fetishes, and so many things about the lifestyle do turn me on and add a sexual thrill... there is SO much more to it.. That is not just what it is about. Or at least it shouldn't be. For those that it is just about that, are often those who like this stuff just in the bedroom, not as a full time thing.

It's about comfort, security, finally being free in ways you never imagined before, about giving someone else the control, and letting them guide you and protect you. Letting them have the power to help you become everything you *could/can* and *want* to be. When one fully submits to another, they often grow as a person and discover things that were hidden deep inside of them.



  1. Okay....Um...yes. Wobbly legs, mind blowing orgasms....rough, hands on, sweaty sex. LOL. I did not really understand the relationship management when I read the prompts. I am still so unsure how it would work.

    Here is the real comment lol. You state that if you had to live without the dynamics that you would be able to? The D/s part being gone? You have some strength. I would not be able to. The reason why is, I depend on those dynamics. The D/s part is a big part of who I am with. In my mind, without the D/s I would be void of something.

  2. If I had to, yes. But would I feel a huge part of me was missing? Yes times 100. And I'd never leave it behind without a fight. What I am really saying here though is that, our relationships are strong, with or without the D/s. Stronger because, maybe? But I know they would hold together without. Not really saying that I could live without, because that would be a whole different post. If I had to, yeah, of course I would do my best. But, would I be happy? No. Not at all. I would indeed be so out of place, and very empty without it.

    Very good point to bring up hon, thank you! xx

  3. I can agree with you, I would be VERY unhappy if I had to live without it. I guess I could though, I can be a strong independent woman. Giving up my D/s part of my life has never really crossed my mind because I do not feel it would ever get to that.

    Thanks for these awesome writings, another great one! Makes you think, and dive into yourself.

    1. Exactly. :)

      And thank you, that is one of the many reasons I enjoy doing this. :) Very sweet words, thanks hon. <3


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