Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sleepless Nights.

Morning chuckle - Ten Reasons to Date a Funeral Director.

So last night went something like this...

12:00  Finally curl up in bed to try and fall asleep to the TV.

1:00  Still awake, see out of the corner of my eye.. a big spider in my bed.... Eee! Strip bed, put spider outside, inspect for any other bugs that may be trying to join in, in making me dance under the covers.

2:00 Youngest crawls into bed, and proceeds to hog most of it. How does one that is so small at 2 years old, take up such room... and note to self, I wish I was still that limber.

2:15 Realize the bed is getting wet, and the rain is pouring in from the open window. Oops.

2:30ish Brain doesn't shut up... (Hamster wheel going crazy with thoughts) mental note to ground kids from the 'derp derp derp' song that is playing in the background of my brain.

3;00 More thoughts, slight wondering how much trouble I am going to be when He returns home for the few rules I have broken while He has been gone.. x_x

3:02 Slight wondering becomes full on wondering.. which leads to thinking about what possible punishments may happen, especially once He finds out that my hands got carried away in the bathtub the other day... which leads to squirming.. and tossing and turning.. and oops, kid in bed.. dammit!

3:20 'derp,derp,derp...derp,derp,derp...' *growl* dang kids and the derp song!

Somewhere around 4, finally fall asleep.. only to have said song in my dreams.. accompanied by spiders, and punishments... seriously brain?!

Next morning - Coffeeeeee! x_x

 So, how was *your* night?

*Real post coming after, at least one more cup*


  1. I have had those nights where no matter how tired I am I can not stop my mind. And then the kids (and animals) decide to wake up at 0500. I hope you are able to function today! :)

    1. Lol,always the way it goes.. right? Dogs need out, kids are hungry.. Mommm... wake up! x_x

      Somewhat functioning, doesn't help that it's been pouring out all day, which makes me want to go curl up and sooo not be productive! lol

      Thank you MP! xxoo

  2. Damn worrying brains, can't we just have a few hours of nothing? :) And seriously, how does a two year old take up so much room?! And why do her feet always end up in my face?

    btw, your labels crack me up...insomnia sucks donkey toes, lol.

    1. Misty, right?! Sir can just turn off His brain and fall asleep within a minute or two. Maybe a soldier thing? He can also sleep anywhere! Envious! lol.

      And lol, yes! Toes in the face, sideways, knees in the back - you name it, it all happens within the course of the night! And you have got to love the wake up of being smacked in the forehead by the very small, but very powerful little hands! hehe

      And thank you! lol. I blame my friend nightmare, she got me started on being creative with them. :)


  3. Great, now I have a mix of the derp song and baby got back playing in my head.

    I swear kids and animals are pre-wired to be heathens to sleep with. Our nine year old likes to crawl in and push Monster off the bed. He woke up one morning with tiny little legs wrapped around his throat.

    Hopefully tonight your brain isn't as active. Lol


    1. *bats eyes* lol

      Geez, so true. lol! That is so funny, I can just see your Monster getting pushed out of bed, lol!

      I hope so, thank you doll! hehe <3

  4. You know, something tells me not to check out that link... lol

    Poor Monster, it's bad enough he has to sleep with my flailing self, those nights that the youngest comes in because of nightmares... He probably dreams of the days when he was single and could sleep comfortably through the night. xD


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