Sunday, July 13, 2014

Submissive Writing Challenge 1.

 So, a very good friend and fellow submissive and I have been talking off and on today, and have decided to help one another get motivated on topics. Help one another get back into the swing of writing and blogging on a regular basis. For her, she has a brilliantly wrote blog, (Go check her out!) but she fell out of the habit of writing. Me, well.. you guys know the drill. Lost two years of writing, starting fresh, blee blahh bloo.

To help us further, we picked some topics from a site that I love - Submissive Guide. They have a huge list of submissive journal prompts there.  With that said, Challenge 1:

Our Dominants teach us so much about ourselves. What is something you’ve taught your Dominant?

Oh, this one about put my brain into a pickle. x_x I could easily name a thousand things that I have learned from Him. My first thought was that I've taught him the true and serious meaning of 'being impish'. My nickname in the community is brat, and many even call me the dungeon brat..and I do believe I earned my name well. 

Seriously though, I think if I have taught him anything, it'd be how to get in touch with things that are deep inside of him. Emotion wise - soul wise. How to be in tune with more than just what we feel on the outside.  

Hm, that wasn't so hard. Or long! Lookie at that. lol. Don't forget to go check out my favorite nightmare's blog! 



  1. That's a good one! But the imp one works, too. Lol. We have taught them the meaning of "keeping him on his toes" xD

    1. Lol! So so so seriously true!! :D Just as they have taught us what a very sore bum feels like. x_x lol!


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