Sunday, July 20, 2014

Submissive task Sunday. Oh, barbie!

In talking with my beautiful Domme, we we're talking about Her almost being done with Her list of rules/protocols for me to follow. In adding things into our relationship, we often discuss new things to keep it a bit easier, being we are so far apart from one another. One thing that is going to be added is, Her giving me certain assigned topics or tasks to write about here in the blog. I think we shall call/label these under...Mm,  Submissive task Sunday. 

The first task, is to write about when I first felt that 'submissive pull'. 

This answer came rather easily to me. I would say, even though I didn't know it was a submissive pull, I knew it even as a child. I always wanted to take care of things. I'd always be taking my Dad coffee,drinks, food, doing anything I could to take care of him. I started cooking, cleaning and all that stuff at a young age - and, I didn't mind it, I enjoyed it. (for the most part,lol).

As I got a bit older, I even remember that I stole my brothers GI Joe dolls - and would have them be very dominate like with the few rare barbies I did have. (I was always more of a tom boy.) My mind would wander, and find itself in very submissive scenarios. 

The biggest clue for me was this:

My mother, and her parents, are all German. My Oma, (German Grandmother) would every year at Christmas, tell me the story of Father Christmas. He would go from village to village, see the children, ask them if they had behaved and so on. The good kids got a gift  - the naughty kids got a spanking with a switch. Oh! How my mind really turned at imagining this. I knew, even then.. that there was something different deep inside of me. 

Was there anyone particular that you felt that pull towards?

Hm, I would say quite a few people, without really realizing it then. There was an older lady that I knew as a teenager, and I always pictured her as the perfect type of woman to be with. She had a very Dominate way about her that just, really pulled me in. 

I naturally took this path with boyfriends as well.. but it really came to life when I met Sir. I was only 14, we became best friends and we didn't actually hook up till I was 16.  Once married, at 17 - I happily sunk into that head space. 

Washing His Army uniforms in the sink - with strawberry shampoo (Hey, we were newly married and broke,lol) - Ironing them, the completely wrong way,btw. (Can we say, MC Hammer pants? Doh.) Doing anything I could to serve Him. 

We just didn't know at that time, that there was a whole world out there with this stuff in it, a whole community, and people etc Like I think I mentioned in another post, once we did discover that, pieces just really fell into place with us. What was already a wonderful relationship, got even better.


  1. I love your posts always very insightful. I never thought of it as a submissive pull looking back I too can see how I came down this path :)

    1. Thank you so much, BigD lil! It's interesting to think about once you do sit and think about it,isn't it? :)

      Thank you for commenting, I always love hearing from you! :) xx

  2. I'm so glad I found your blog (or should I say that you found mine). Love this post and I look very forward to getting to know you better. You now have me thinking how I cam across my submissive pull.

    1. I am so glad I found yours also! And, thank you so much! I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you come up with on how you found your submissive pull. :) So looking fwd to getting to know you better as well! :)

      xx brat

  3. Grrrr... this is being a total drama in letting me post comments! I hope you don't have the same comment from me a million times over... But thank-you! You did awesome, lil one. Lollipop in the mail! I can definitely see the 24/7 lifestyle being completely natural for you. And (weg) I already have an idea for next week. Great work. *pats ya and smooches all over ya face* <3

    1. Mm, sexy growl you got there, Miss. :D Ahem.

      Hm, I wonder why it's giving You such a hard time with commenting. I'm glad You finally got it in there, and I only got the one comment, don't worry. :)

      Yay, lollipop! <3

      Completely natural indeed. :) Looking forward to next weeks! *swooons from the loves* Thank you, Miss! :)


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