Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Writing Challenge 4. Deep End of Demo Bottoming,

Ok, yesterday, I strained and strained my brain to come up with something that I've done, that I never thought I would do. The topic was: I thought I would never (Blank) but I did and here's the story! Well, I finally thought of one!

This story was one of my way more brave moments in the local community. I had this wrote out already, so I'll just paste it.. enjoy!

Diving Straight into the Deep End of Demo Bottoming....

*names slightly edited out of respect and privacy for those involved*

 I had the opportunity to have my first experience as a bottom demo for an event called Butt FuK over at the Rack Room in Denver. And yes, the name of the event, really does say it all there.. I shall elaborate here in a moment.

This was my first time also, attending the Rack Room. I had already had the pleasure, a few times even , to meet and talk with the lovely Ms S, and before I get into all the fun details, I'd like to send her very high compliments on The Rack Room itself, and her. The Rack Room was extremely awesome. I loved the feeling, and personal touches to it.. and like the Sanctuary, it was very welcoming and full of awesome people. And Ms S herself, as always blows me away with her witty and clever personality. Awesome, does not even cover her. Seriously.

With that being said - the night started with a very informing lesson on Anal play/sex.. as we sat there listening and watching.. my nerves continued to build, and in my head I was saying.. holy cripes, am I really about to do this?!

To do exactly what..? I am hearing you ask.. well...

The big moment arrived, and it was the moment to either run and hide or drop my skirt and expose myself for the learning experience! lol.

My job as the demo bottom was to be a good girl, and let my anatomy be exposed and used for demonstration on proper preparations, lubing, massaging and anal play/insertion and such.

Sir Star was giving the lesson, and he made me feel very at ease, we talked much before hand, and he was very gentle, wonderful and reassuring all the way through.

But yes, here I am, my bum in the air - exposed to a room full of people - some I knew, some I did not... but this is how I went..

My undies are around my boots.. I'm on my knees on a bench. Sir Star is showing how to properly massage and lube up, and while it felt - well, rather amazing.. my mind kept rushing into all kinds of areas here... then I realized I was literally hiding my whole head in my arms. So, trying to be brave, I turned my head to see Ms S- who, instantly gave me some reassurance in her own wonderful and clever way - showing me a peek of her undies, and her ...ahem.. wonderful yummy looking breasts... I relaxed instantly.. but then I had the thought of , ACK, do NOT laugh, you will tense up.. right there!! lol.

But it was an amazing way of her giving me that, it's ok, you're doing great and helping me calm myself some. Then, I turned and found much to my delight, on the other side, I had the same great view of the lovely P - who, gave me that very cute smile and reassuring eyes, while mouthing words of encouragement to me. Between the two of them, I did relax, and start to get into what was actually happening, erm, behind me... or to my behind, I should say.

At this point, Sir Star, had moved on to using a gloved finger for penetration, after the massaging and relaxing, lubricating. I would so be lying, if I said, I wasn't starting to tingle all over here.
I at one point, had to readjust my arm - so sort of tried to do so, without being to obvious.. Sir Star being the very attentive person he was, asked me if I was ok.. I mumbled out, trying not to actually moan (lol) that I was fine, just readjusting and to not mind me .... this made the room laugh ... I didn't see the humor at the moment, 'till Sir later pointed out that it was funny, because they were supposed to be 'minding me' , I was sort of the main focus of the lesson there. lol.

Next came a very wonderful glass anal toy that Sir Star let me choose - at this point, I had forgotten that I had a group of people behind me, watching his every step... the whole, omg, I am fully exposed and being penetrated there was long forgotten. I was sinking into the sensations of it all, and the fears/nerves and such really just ended up adding to the excitement. I did start to drift a bit into a type of subspace here, but it was very different than the type you reach during an actual spanking session or such.

I kept sinking into the sensations, and realized I was getting very turned on.
Before I knew it, I heard Sir Star ask the group if anyone had any questions... I sat there for a moment, and heard no one speak up.. but I had a question! It slipped out of my mouth at that moment.. and the question was...

"Can I cum yet?!"

This got more laughter. lol. But I quickly turned a bit red again, and then got a little pouty when I heard Sir deny such request. :o

I was allowed to keep the glass toy inside of me, and soon after, I got to have my first session with P .. who had made an awesome paddle for the weekend to be used on me! And oh, let me tell you, I was very anxious to have it be used!

P very skillfully warmed up my bottom (and the rest of me), using different implements, as well as the above mentioned paddle. I was a squirmy, melty pile of subspacey bratness by the time she was done with me. She definitely used the anal toy to it's advantage in between different swats and such. At one time, my body was quivering so hard that I think I about flew off of the table. x_x By the end of the night my whole body was tingly... and eager for more.
Luckily for this little brat,this was only night one... and P was definitely not done with me, or my bum.....


  1. "these odd labels are still Nightmares fault" <----I died. Lmao

    Yay! you got the challenge done! I told you, you could do it! And ohmy'lanta! That was a very smexy little answer for this challenge! I need my Monster now after reading that one. Sounds like you had quite the evening. ;)

    1. lol! Was waiting for you to notice that! hehehe

      I have a good motivator, what can I say! ;) Hmm... did you find your Monster? Do we get details? *wiggles eyebrows* lol

    2. I blame my phone. It doesn't show the labels when I read from there. :/

      I did, but I passed out as soon as he snuggled me. *facepalm*

    3. lol, oops! Maybe tonight,hm? ;) You going to take Birthday swats for your Monster? lol

  2. Wow. That is definitely pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. What an experience.

    Btw, where are you getting these writing challenges from?

    1. That it was. I was so nervous before hand, but was glad I did it after. :) Haven't bottomed for a demo since then, but it was a good experience.

      You can find these prompts, and a ton more here.. :)


  3. You are much braver than I! I'm far from body shy, but I'm not sure I could do that. Good for you! And did I mention HOT?!

    1. Lol, thank you doll. I never thought I'd be able to be that brave either.. but just jumped in and did it. Sir says I never do anything half way, suppose He is right! lol. And mm, glad my sharing is hot to read! :) xx


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